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    Thursday, May 15th, 2003
    1:42 am
    Matrix II
    Just got back from seeing it, awsome follow-on.

    Aside from the excellence of trinity's chase scene on the ducati 996, I'm
    not gonna talk about the details.

    But wow they just did a great job, effects, dialog a much stronger film than M1 for my $0.02us

    I can't wait for revolutions, stay past the credits and see a teaser for film3.
    Friday, April 18th, 2003
    10:02 am
    Well, Boston hosted, it sure was wonderfully done. I'm unspeakably grateful to the folks who made it happen and regret that I had to drop out of the volunteer work in September. But it was a hellish fall here and a tough winter.

    So what was so great about it?

    Patrick Califia, both as the keynote and as a participant in a couple of presentations I attended, awesome nice man. He sat on the 'Transgender Inclusion' panel and brought depth of experience to the discussion. sheerchaos was also in that panel and was just awsome as were Saul and Charliegirl. I feel like our community is beginning to grow up when I get to spend time with these people.

    Only two things marred the weekend for me, due to the heavy rain my bike (a MotoGuzzi v50) wouldn't start friday night.

    The other was nasty politics prior toCollapse )
    Other amazingly good presentations included Jack Rinella's discussion of leather history and Andrew Harwin's talk about the difficulties GMSMA went through over the last year and the pain of a forced transition in leadership. The SSC vs RACK discussion that was put up last-minute was valuable if a little to heavily attended to lend itself to depth. The very first session of the weekend was Joansie discussing the difficulties of inclusion.

    I find I'm more and more a proponent of both strong mixed-orientation and closed play spaces. I wish we had more of each in New England.

    I almost didn't attend at all but when I remembered the presentation deadline was on I also remembered that I had this proposal and report to present. Because it's unlikely I can get out of town to wherever LLC8 got held, I figured I better get it done for this year.

    I was glad the report/idea was well recieved (*thanks* to all those who reviewed the original idea and my drafts for llc7!). Several folks offered suggestions and I got some good feedback on how various people felt about the tradeoffs between privacy and the value of improved information.

    To top the weekend off we were able to attend Patrick's (truly hot) reading. "Holes" related a fisting scene at Cascade in San Francisco, from the decision to attend, to the space to the sweet pleasure of a hot fisting scene to the aftermath. Wow.
    Tuesday, March 26th, 2002
    6:30 pm

    Rain is the order of today, cold & nasty & I suppose typical of boston in March. (but what on earth is up with these continued 30 deg. temp swings we've had for the past 12 months?)

    Anyhow today has been quiet, more settled and trying to get a number of small work pieces out the door.